Discovering Modern Calligraphy [Online]

Learn modern calligraphy with the dip pen for beginners at your own pace & time!

Want to learn Modern Calligraphy but..

  • Confused about where to begin?
  • Intimidated by the pointed pen?
  • Frustrated that you see no improvements?
  • Struggle to stay disciplined to keep up with your practice?

I can fully empathise

Hi, I'm Joyce.

I'm a full time calligraphy educator, engraver and published author.

In my 7 years of teaching Modern Calligraphy, I've taught this programme in London, Manchester, New York, Amsterdam, Singapore and more. Now, I've recorded it professionally so you can learn from anywhere and at any time!

After writing my book, The Joy of Modern Calligraphy, I've come to realise that the toughest thing about improving your calligraphy is recognising your mistakes.

I didn't know that at the start of my own journey. So despite my diligent practice, I wasn't improving.


But when I learnt to spot my own mistakes, magic happened!




So I've compiled everything I know into this course!

And because I want you to win at your own calligraphy practice, I'm firmly set on building your foundations.
Although this course is packed with a ton of information, here are 3 main things I want you to achieve:

  • Become aware of all the common mistakes a beginner makes
  • Master the non-writing skills that'll solidify your foundation
  • Know the simple drills that you can and should do even without a nib holder

Here's how else I'm going to help you overcome your struggles..

Learn at your own pace with lifetime access to over
18 bitesized videos + 3 bonus lessons!

Apply what you've learnt by completing topical assignments!

Troubleshoot your issues during the live Q&A sessions spread out across the year as I give feedback on assignments that were submitted. (With permission, of course)

Stay accountable by journeying with your fellow batch mates throughout the entire course in a private group.

Una Iglite

Illustrator at @inkypaperhouse

Before taking the 'Discovering Modern Calligraphy' course I have never written with ink and dip pen. Once I learned all that (and it was quick, because there is no unnecessary talk, only the things you need to know) then I began to write. And wow, in a few hours I was writing like I had dreamed years ago. I really enjoyed that I can make my own schedule, rewatch the bits I needed help with and the best thing is you get feedback on your writing. So I know what I need to work on more. I truly can say that this is the best calligraphy course for beginners!

Course Curriculum

Artsynibs Studio


Calligrapher @peachiecalligraphy

DMC is a great intro course for modern calligraphy! It includes everything you need to get started from the supplies and fundamentals to common mistakes that beginners might make. Lessons are in short increments so you can work through them one step at a time and with worksheets that make practice meaningful and effective.   Thank you Joyce for a wonderful course! 

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My favourite lesson is the bonus where Joyce compiled all the common mistakes a beginner makes! Definitely recommend this to fellow mums who are strapped on time but want to learn or refresh their modern calligraphy.

Janet L.
DMC student

My favourite part about DMC is receiving feedback on the assignments. Every lesson had a task and Joyce always provided detailed feedback. They helped me to clearly see where I can improve on. So much to learn!

Denise C.
DMC student

I was nervous about another pre-recorded course. Although I've been practicing calligraphy, I learned so much in the first chapter. After implementing the changes, my writing feels so much easier!

DMC student


Yes it is! The Discovering Modern Calligraphy course was created with a beginner learner in mind. So get ready to have all your questions and concerns answered!

No, this course only focuses on creating Modern Calligraphy with a traditional dip pen or pointed pen. For the full material list, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

No, this is NOT a Zoom course. The instructional videos are all pre-recorded professionally so you can access them once the course begins. You'll then receive LIFETIME access and updates to these videos so that you can learn at your own pace.

Only these live Q&A sessions will be live-streamed via Zoom. You'll receive details (date & timing) about them once you enrol to the course. Don't worry if you can't make those live sessions, they'll also be recorded and you'll get lifetime access to them.

Yes! You'll get access to all the videos once you register for this course. We believe in working at your own pace and time, whatever that's comfortable for you!

During the entire course, we'll all be journeying together as a Community so you'll be invited to join a private group with your batch mates. You'll also get access to the live Q&A sessions where I'll be troubleshooting your issues and going through assignments that have been submitted voluntarily. If anything, we'll make sure you're very well supported throughout the entire course!

You get LIFETIME access to this course and all future updates to it. You can always revisit this programme again some time in the future.

Yes you will! I have over 50 pages of digital worksheets ready for you to download and print for your own practice. Of course, as I improve this course, I'll be adding more worksheets which you'll also eventually get access to!

Yes! I provide written / audio feedback to anyone who submits their assignments for each lesson. 

What You'll Need

  • Basics - Pencil, eraser, a cup of water to rinse your nibs, and some paper towels
  • Printer to print your notes
  • Calligraphy friendly paper to print your notes on. I use Paper One / Double A paper in Singapore. If your'e based in Europe, Clairefontaine Clairalfa or Color Copier Paper works
  • Nib holder - Either straight or oblique
  • Pointed nibs - Nikko G, Zebra G, Leonardt 40, Brause 361, Hunt 101, and Leonardt Principal EF are some of my go-to nibs but the G nibs are the best suited for beginners
  • Calligraphy ink - Moon Palace Sumi, Higgins Eternal, Kuretake Sumi or Walnut ink
  • Internet connection - Just so you can enjoy the pre-recorded videos and livestreams uninterrupted 

Hi! I'm Joyce.

After teaching for almost 10 years, I left my job and started a creative business that is Artsynibs Studio. I've been a full time calligrapher since then.

On days when I'm not working on a commissioned piece or writing for the likes of Facebook, I teach Modern Calligraphy. At the same time, I train fellow Creatives to teach and develop their own courses. You can say - once an Educator, always an Educator!

In the last 7 years, teaching calligraphy has brought me across Europe, North America and Asia where I run my flagship beginner's programme. And now, it's finally coming to you in digital format.

Apart from being the calligrapher behind Artsynibs, I'm mum to a Chewbacca (my giant Yorkie) and wife to an off-duty Storm Trooper.

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  • Regular Monthly
  • 3 payments of

    $107 USD

    per month

    Total: US$321

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