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The Creative Instructor Masterclass [Online]

Learn how to turn your creative skill into a profitable workshop! Enrolment is open now!

Does the thought of teaching your own workshop make you nervous?

You're not alone!

  • Do you want to teach your own creative skill but don’t know where to start? 
  • Are you wondering if you’re even good enough to teach? 
  • Do you struggle to price your workshop? 
  • Do you want to be able to teach confidently? 
  • Are you frustrated that everyone else seems to be teaching the same darn workshop?

My new mission is to train Creatives to become impressive instructors and set up profitable creative workshops!

Since 2015, I've built and taught my calligraphy workshops in Manchester, London, Amsterdam, NYC, Singapore and now, Online.

I've since taken my workshops from $45 to now $540 per ticket, and established a reputation as an effective instructor.

The pandemic has prompted me to share what I know about teaching creative workshops and I'm now compiling everything I know to help YOU get started with your own creative teaching journey.

Becoming an impressive instructor and creating a steady income will take time.

But you need to start somewhere.

Some truths about workshops you need to know..

You don't need to create a particularly unique workshop to be successful. Learn how to be relatable, not special.

A large social media following doesn't mean high ticket sale. I'll teach you how to shift your focus from content to people.

Teaching isn't about talking at your participants. Learn how to deliver your lesson so that it's student-focused.

Here's how I'll be helping you..

  • Lifetime access & updates to the course 
  • 10 Lessons + 3 Bonus videos 
  • Worksheets, handouts & samples to plan your own course
  • 2 Live Clinic Session via Zoom to ask me anything about teaching and setting up profitable workshops
  • Access to a private community where you can journey with your course mates & more!

Leanda Xavian

Calligrapher & Instructor

Even as a seasoned tutor of calligraphy, I found it rewarding with lots of takeaways! This workshop will definitely give you the confidence to start planning your first workshop! If you've been thinking about teaching workshops, but have no idea where to start, then this is essential viewing. Joyce addresses all the steps necessary to creating and selling effective and original workshops!

Course Curriculum

Artsynibs Studio

"The biggest benefit of attending the course was that it gave me confidence in myself, pricing and to just go for it. If you’re wanting to run your own workshop, Joyce’s teaching classes will certainly help you!"

- Alice Stephenson

"Thank you so much for the encouragement & advice, Joyce! When I signed up for this I had no idea what to expect and look at me now! I'm so happy with what I've learnt. Wouldn't be able to do it without you!"

Judy Wuu
Embroidery Artist

Course Pricing

This workshop is not the usual do/copy what I do, but more of building a plan of your own which I really appreciate and find valuable. And it emphasizes the importance of targeting a specific group of audience, not the usual method of casting a fishing line and see which fish 'nibbles on your bait'.

Nico Ng

Hand-Lettering Artist


Yes it is! The Creative Instructor Masterclass is created for Creatives who are entirely new to teaching and setting up workshops, and current instructors who want to improve their set ups.

YES! We've tweaked this programme to cater to Creatives of all disciplines.

This is NOT a Zoom course! You'll receive LIFETIME access to 13 pre-recorded videos. However, there will be Zoom sessions and those are the 2 LIVE Q&A sessions.

You can access the videos any time AFTER you register. As long as you have your login details, you'll have life time access to the content and all future updates.

I never guarantee my students that they'll turn a profit overnight after any of my training. But what I CAN guarantee you is that you'll have a clearer direction on your first few steps after attending this masterclass. My goal isn't to make money for you. My objective is to help you to ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS and teach you the SKILLS to develop YOUR OWN workshops.

But TL;DR, none of my past participants have said anything about it not being worth their investment.

After the course begins, I'll be journeying with you for 3 months in the private Community. You'll also get access to the live Q&A sessions where I'll be answering your questions. You can ask me anything from teaching to pricing to even how to explain a specific concept from your craft. I'm always around on social media if you need any help beyond that.

By the end of the bootcamp, I was feeling much more confident to start planning for my own workshop and successfully launched it a few weeks ago with really good feedback!

Mabel Lau

Chinese Calligrapher

This workshop is GOLD! Tons of useful insights and I really enjoyed how Joyce explained everything ❤


Jeremy Jonathan

Watercolour Artist

Hi! I'm Joyce.

After teaching for almost 10 years, I left my job and started a creative business that is Artsynibs Studio. I've been a full time calligrapher since then.

On days when I'm not working on a commissioned piece or writing for the likes of Facebook, I teach Modern Calligraphy. At the same time, I train fellow Creatives to teach and develop their own courses. You can say - once an Educator, always an Educator!

In the last 6 years, teaching calligraphy has brought me across Europe, North America and Asia where I run my flagship beginner's programme. And now, it's finally coming to you in digital format.

Apart from being the calligrapher behind Artsynibs, I'm mum to a Chewbacca (my giant Yorkie) and wife to an off-duty Storm Trooper.

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